Amelie Befeldt

2015 - 2017

Several kinds of resistance

By combining footage documenting a group of activists with a YouTube video proclaiming a certain fitness ideology, "Several kinds of resistance" looks at strategies of individuals to relate to political or social contexts. The title quotes the YouTuber claiming that already "some kind of resistance" is better than nothing. This conviction is not only shared by most activists in the video but also may be communicated in the same wording. Both protagonists share a passion for their cause and invest themselves physically in it, which in turn needs to be defined by goals and ideologies.

The YouTuber calls the viewers to stop doing the usual cardio-training since it cannot establish the desired change. Instead, he argues in favor of an holistic approach ("change your diet") in order to achieve the desired change. Put next to the footage of the activist group, "cardio" can become a metaphor of the group doing their traditional work such as handing out leaflets. However, when he later proclaims “just do something”, the comparison becomes ambivalent. Aren’t the activist “just doing something”?

The work invites its viewer to reflect on their own, relevant status quo and examine their need to actively change it.

The work is presented with posters that are spread in public space and that promote a link to the video.

Several kinds of resistance